NCAR C-130

The NSF/NCAR C-130 will make multiple flights from Veracruz with a wide range of instruments to characterise the outflow from Mexico City.


Project Summaries (PDF Downloads)

Investigators Institution Project
Apel, Reimer NCAR/ACD, U. Miami Oxygenated VOCs
Atlas, Blake U. Miami, U. Calif. at Irvine Whole-Air Sampling of Organic Trace Gases
Buseck Arizona State U. Soot Aerosol
Cantrell, Anderson, Mauldin, Kosciuch, McCoy, Eisele NCAR/ACD HO2 and HO2+RO2
Clarke, Howell, Kapustin U. Hawaii Aerosol Physio-Chemistry & Optical Properties
Collins Texas A&M U. Evolution of Aerosol Physio-Chemistry
Eisele, Mauldin, Kosciuch, McCoy NCAR/ACD NH3
Flocke, Zheng NCAR/ACD PANs
Jimenez, Dunlea U. Colorado Real-Time Aerosol Size and Composition
Mauldin, Kosciuch, McCoy, Eisele NCAR/ACD HNO3
Mauldin, Kosciuch, McCoy, Eisele NCAR/ACD OH, H2SO4, & MSA
Russell, Roberts, Kok, Arnott U. Calif. at San Diego,
Droplet Measurment Tech, U. Nevada at Reno
Aerosol Impacts
Shetter, Hall NCAR/ACD Scanning Actinic Flux Spectrometer (SAFS)
Weber Georgia Inst. Tech. PILS Fine Particl Composition
Weinheimer, Knapp, Montzka NCAR/ACD NO, NO2, NOy, & O3