toga instrument

The TOGA (Trace Organic Gas Analyzer) - MIRAGE instrument mounted in the ready rack aboard the NCAR C-130 The TOGA will be used to measure volatile organic compounds. It is based on a custom fast gas chromatograph coupled to an Agilent 5973 Mass Spectrometer. This technique provides unambiguous identification and quantification for a wide range of compounds including NMHCs, OVOCs, and halocarbons through chromatographic separation and mass selection. The limit of detection (LOD) is between 5 and 40 pptv depending on the compound. Targeted species are measured with a time response of 2.5 minutes, yielding up to 24 measurements per hour. The instrument is calibrated "in situ" with highly accurate gas phase standards. It consumes less than 2000W of power.

PAN instrument

The PAN CIRGAR instrument mounted in installed on the P-3 during ICARTT in 2004. The MIRAGE instrument is now smaller, but looks similiar.