The T1 surface site is located at the Universidad Technologica de Tecamec (UTTEC), about 35km NW of the center of Mexico City. (19N42.184, 98W59.917, 2270 m asl)

Map of T1 surface site in relation to other sites.

Project Summaries (PDF Downloads)

Investigators Institution Project
Atlas, Blake Miami, U. Calif. at Irvine Whole-Air Sampling of Organic Trace Gases
Coffey, Hannigan NCAR/ACD Mobile FTIR column measurements
Cohen U. Calif. at Berkely Nitrogen Oxides & Nitrates
Collins Texas A&M U. Evolution of Aerosol Physio-Chemistry
de Gouw, Fall NOAA/ESRL, U. Colorado Measurement of VOCs by PIT-MS
Eichinger U. Iowa Elastic Lidar Measurements
Eisele, Mauldin, Kosciuch, McCoy NCAR/ACD NH3
Guenther NCAR/ACD Trace Gas & Aerosol Flux & Concentration Profiles
Huey, Weber, Wang GA Inst. Tech. Aerosols & Trace Gases
Lefer, Shetter, Byun, Slusser U. Houston, Colorado State U. Aerosols & Trace Gases
Mauldin, Kosciuch, McCoy, Eisele NCAR/ACD Reactive Gases
Ramos, Retama SMA/DF Mexico Criteria pollutants
Russell, Roberts, Kok, Arnott U. San Diego,
Droplet Measurment Tech, U. Nevada at Reno
Aerosol Impacts
Schauer, Sheesley U. Wisconsin at Madison OA & SOA (by GCMS & LCMS)
Smith, McMurry NCAR/ACD, U. Minnesota Chemical composition, hygroscopicity & CCN activity
Smith, Nenes NCAR/ACD, GA. Inst. Tech. New Particle Formation/Growth