MILAGRO Operations and Planning Meeting

16-18 January 2006


Monday, 16 January

08:00 -8:30	Arrival to IMP Auditorium, Check in

08:30-9:00	Welcome  Introductory Remarks

09:00-10:00     Campaign Status Update 
                MCMA-2006                       (Luisa Molina)
                MIRAGE-Mex                      (Sasha Madronich)
                MAX-Mex                         (Jeff Gaffney)
                INTEX-B                         (Hanwant Singh)

10:00-11:00	Working Group Status Update
		Forecasting and modeling  	(Jerome Fast)
		Aircraft measurements 		(Frank Flocke)
		Data policy/formats/archive  	(Louisa Emmons)
		Field Catalog 			(Jose Meitin)
		Satellite observations 		(Allen Chu)
		Logistics 			(Juan Carlos Arredondo)
		Education and outreach  	(Dara Salcedo)
11:30-11:30	Break

11:30-13:00	Working Groups Status Update (Cont)

                Overview of Surface Measurement Sites
		T0   				(Gustavo Sosa)
		T1  				(Alex Guenther)
		T2  				(Will Shaw/Chris Doran)
		Mobile Units 			(Ana Patricia Martinez)		
		ARI Mobile Lab  		(Chuck Kolb)
		Other measurements		(Gerardo Ruiz Suarez)

13:00-14:00	Lunch

14:00-16:00	Parallel Working Groups         (Discussion leader -TBD)
                (Discuss pending logistical requirements, coordinate measurement plans) 
		Surface Measurements
		Urban sites (including mobile units, mobile labs, flux tower, others)
		Aircraft Measurements

16:00-18:00	Plenary Session:  Working Group reports, discussion, action items

Tuesday, 17 January     
08:00-16:00	Tour T0, T1, T2 and other urban sites

                Small delegation: Visit governors/mayor offices (Hidalgo, Mexico, DF)

 		Others: Meeting with officials, agencies, etc.	
17:00		Travel to Veracruz

Wednesday, 18 January    
09:00-12:00	Meeting with Veracruz investigators and local officials 
Afternoon:	Visit Veracruz measurement sites

            	Small delegation:   Visit Veracruz Governor 

Evening:	Return to Mexico City