The following models were used as part of the MIRAGE-Mexico planning process:

Modeling Project Summaries (PDF Download)

Investigators Institution Project
Carmichael U. Iowa Multi-Scale Gas & Aerosol Distributions
Hess, Edwards, Emmons, Lamarque, Pfister, Wiedinmyer NCAR/ACD MOPITT CO and MOZART
Madronich, Lee-Taylor NCAR/ACD Photochemical Processes Modeling
Massie NCAR/ACD Satellite data analysis
Molina L., Molina M., Kolb, Jayne, Shorter, Onasch, Herndon, Jimenez, Knighton MIT, Aerodyne Research Inc., U. Colorado, U. Montana Organic Fine Particulate Matter
Molina L., Molina M. MIT Modeling for Forecasting & Analysis
Stohl, Forster Norwegian Institue for Air Research FLEXPART Forecasts and Analyses for MIRAGE-Mex
Tie, Madronich NCAR/ACD Application of the WRF-Chem Model
Wiedinmyer, Emmons, Hess, Pfister, Edwards NCAR/ACD Fire Emissions Modeling
Zaveri, Berkowitz DOE/PNNL Modeling Gas-Aerosol Processes