16-17 February 2003 || Feb & Mar 2004

Model set up: RADM2 chemical mechanism. Resolution = 6km (600x600 km domain). Two day simulation, starting 16 February 2003. Initialized with background concentrations from MOZART-2.

Results shown below for 4pm local time, second day. Mexico City is located in the center, the Gulf and Pacific coastlines are visible in the upper right and lower left corners, respectively. The Mexico City plume is clearly discernible in the concentration plots. At 1 km above the surface, concentrations of ozone (O3) in the plume remain elevated (> 100 ppb) while concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and total non-methane hydrocarbons (total C) are substantially lower than over the Mexico City area.

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Surface Winds
1 KM Winds
Surface CO
Surface O3
1 KM O3
Surface NOx
1 KM NOx
Surface Total Carbon
1 KM Total Carbon