The goal of the MIRAGE program is to characterize the chemical/physical transformations and the ultimate fate of pollutants exported from urban areas, and to assess the current and future impacts of these exported pollutants on regional and global air quality, ecosystems, and climate.

EOL also maintains a web site describing the current MIRAGE field campaign.


The MIRAGE-Mex field campaign (March 2006) is designed to examine the chemical and physical transformations of gases and aerosols in the polluted outflow from Mexico City. The campaign coordinates and integrates observations from ground stations, aircraft, and satellites, and provides a rich data base for improving regional and global models of the transport and transformations of aging urban pollutants. MIRAGE-Mex is organized by NCAR-ACD on behalf of the atmospheric sciences community. MIRAGE is part of MILAGRO, a larger set of coordinated field campaigns that together enable investigation of megacity outflow chemistry on a variety of scales. Read the Scientific Overview Document (PDF download: 37 pages)

C130 Aircraft

The NSF/NCAR C-130 will make multiple flights from Veracruz with a wide range of instruments to characterise the outflow from Mexico City.

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